Doorway Pull Up Bar and Push Up Rings Package
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Doorway Pull-Up Package

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Product Description

Choose the Pull-Up Bar Package and you will get the Ultimate Body Press Pull-up Bar and Push-up Rings Accessory

Ultimate Body Press has improved doorway pull-up bars by adding suspension straps to the package. The straps add a whole new set of high-quality strength exercises for you to perform in addition to the standard moves.

The variety of exercises you can do is astounding, and this is absolutely the most affordable pull-up bar package anywhere.

If you are a beginner, the rings are the best way to build strength as you work up to pull-ups. For the experienced strength trainer you will be challenged by exercises like one arm body weight rows. No matter your level of fitness, you can challenge yourself with the pull-up bar package today!

1 – Pull-up Bar

1 – New Improved Push-Up Rings

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