The ultimate power tower fits comact spaces efficiently - Push Up RIngs provide more exercises
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Power Tower Package – Pull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings

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Product Description

Personal Trainer Results with at Home Fitness
Get fast results at home with the Power Tower Package by Ultimate Body Press. Adding gym ring style Push Up Rings to your Dip Bar fitness station and Pull Up Bar brings the best compound bodyweight exercises to even the smallest home gym – including assisted exercise variations for beginners. Compound bodyweight exercises support rapid muscle building and whole body functional conditioning so your will look and perform your best.

The Ultimate Body Press Doorway Pull Up Bar

The Original Dip Bar Fitness Station
Target chest, shoulders, arms and core with multiple exercises in your home or office and while traveling. The Ultimate Body Press Fitness Station get you the results you want fast.

  • Dips rapidly build a sculpted upper body
  • Angled grips and asymmetric frame enable both tricep dips and chest dips
  • Bodyweight Rows balance chest and shoulder development
  • Knee Raises strengthen core and lower back

The Pull Up is simply the best compound bodyweight exercise you can do. Pull Ups rapidly build every muscle in your upper body and tone your core for real world functional performance. Assisted Pull Up variations support beginners working up to their pull up with full sets and the built in Neutral Parallel grips provide fresh challenges for intermediate and advanced users. If you want the right results, you need a pull up bar.

Push Up Rings
The Push Up Rings suspension trainer transforms your Dip Bar Fitness Station and Pull Up Bar with a full range of compound bodyweight exercises. Rolled steel hooks, 7 ft. straps, and quick adjust buckles switch easily between exercises and the high density foam rigid core grips are ultra comfortable. Assisted Pull Ups and One Leg Squats power beginners through full workouts while stability exercises like Chest Flies and Ring Push Ups challenge intermediate and advanced users. Push Up Rings are the Ultimate home gym accessory.

The Ultimate Body Press Power Tower Package gives you the versatility you need to get professional fitness results at home. Power through your routine quickly on gear made for efficiency and effectiveness. Get your Power Tower Package and do the workouts – you are going to be amazed at the results and satisfaction is guaranteed.

1 – Dip Bar

1 – New Improved Push up Rings

1 – Pull-Up Bar

Weight Capacity: Dip Station: 350 lbs
Pull-Up Bar: 250 lbs
Push Up Rings: 350 lbs
Shipping Weight: 30 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 7 inches

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