Real Gear for the Shape of your Best Life

Shop Ultimate Body Press Dip Bars, Pull Up Bars, Packages and Workout accessories in $AUD with FREE SHIPPING from our AU Warehouse.  Please be aware that GST is prepaid on all items.

Superset Circuit Workouts and Compound Bodyweight Exercises

High intensity, Superset Circuit Dip Bar and Doorway Pull Up Bar workouts get results fast with exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and critical core muscles for maximum metabolic effect. With a dip machine workout or a pull up bar routine from Ultimate Body Press, it’s easy to realize a new relationship with fitness and perform better than ever before with just a few minutes every day.  Muscle is the most metabolically active fiber in the body. Muscle burns fat. But for even greater results it’s brief exercise throughout the day, particularly around meal times, that activates the metabolism and keeps it activated for even greater fitness results. Easy access to your gear lets you hit quick reps so you can bridge the gap between larger workouts with daily progress. We provide extensive training resources on our main USA web site and YouTube Channel. Please click here to learn more.

Performance Savings

Build the home gym best suited to your preferences with convenient Ultimate Body Press Packages. If you are just starting out with home fitness consider the Power Tower Package which includes the Original Dip Bar Fitness Station, Doorway Pull Up Bar, and Push Up Rings. The Power Tower Package offers tremendous savings over a traditional console unit providing the same exercises for compact spaces. If you already own a pull up bar, round out your home gym with a Dip Bar Fitness Station and Push Up Rings Package.

Introducing the Push Up Rings

Be sure to learn more about our Push Up Rings – the ideal accessory for both Pull Up Bars and the Dip Bar. Push Up Rings ad comfort and new challenges to Press Ups enabling more reps for incredible results. Push Up Rings also help you step into your first Pull Up with the Body Weight Row – an Ultimate Body Press favorite exercise. The Body Weight Row lets you do more reps with the same exact muscles as a full Pull Up with a variable resistance suitable for all users. Expand your workouts and discover new performance with Ultimate Body Press Push Up Rings.